Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not that old yet!

Several years ago my sister and I were on a mission to find a suitable care center for our mother, who being both totally blind and in the early stages of alzheimer's disease needed some special care. We went from home to home to home, talking to staff and asking questions, touring facilities and moving on. We had been at it for most of a day when at one of the facilities a staff member asked me if my sister was my Daughter. Now, just so you know, I'm only 8 years older than my sister, and while I do love her dearly I am NOT her mother!!!! I have my own beautiful daughter, but I'm more than 8 years older than her. When the woman asked me the question I made the mental note "IDIOT!", and determined then-and-there to continue our hunt. So off we went to continue our quest. Later that day, after another 1 or 2 facilities had been toured and rated by us, we were leaving another potential candidate when the woman cheerfully asked me "Is this your daughter?".

I had thought the first one was an idiot, but two idiots in one day? Perhaps the fault lay in me....not them????? What a terrifying thought!!!

I went to the nearest mirror and found that my hair was mostly gray (I had turned gray in front at 23 as a result of damage to my hair folicles from a car accident), but now the rest of my hair was that "ugly, dirty, old-woman" gray color. No wonder they thought I was old.

Being under some stress because of Mom's condition, and with a husband with health challenges of his own, I decided then and there that there are very few things in life one has control of......but hair color is one of them. I drove directly to the store and haven't had anyone ask me that horrible question since.

I bring this topic up because last night I looked in the mirror and discovered to my horror that I had waited too long between dye jobs....and my temple hairs were glowing brightly in the dark. I ran to the cupboard (where I will NEVER run out of hair color) and grabbed a box. 30 minutes later I was color coded and ready for bed.

It worked too! I got to work today and several of my co-workers commented, not on my hair color, but "you look perky today", "you look like you got some good rest last night", "you look happy", etc.

I highly recommend buying a box. The cost of peace of mind runs about half a penny a day........and if it's not worth that I don't know what is!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Better than expected!

Back from the massage, and WOW! I feel almost human again! The gal who worked me over did it with a vengeance, and that's just what I needed. I haven't felt this good (not to mention - this oiled) since I don't know when. You, my beloved friends and family, may call me if you need her name and contact information, for the rest of the world.....well - if I tell all of you there won't be any appointment time left for me.................
Today I get a massage. I commented to a co-worker that I'm sore everywhere, and the next thing I knew his wife sent me an e-mail asking what day would be best for a massage with their favorite masseuse. I told her today was the only day available, and "presto-changeo" I have an appointment in just under an hour. I'll have more to say when I get back (assuming I can still use these sore muscles).